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Why Klarity

Core Benefits of Klarity


A fully managed solution with technology reducing operational burden and costs by 50-75%


Reduce the risk of transmission through asymptomatic carriers through AI Health Risk Assessments and group and randomised testing


IOS, Android and web apps provide data privacy, employee consent, testing and vaccination certificates storage, symptom checking


PCR, ELISA, Rapid PCR tests all FDA or CE accredited and used by national governments


Partnered with global lab providers to provide a scalable, international solution

How it works

All immunity & health data now in your hands

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About Us

Klarity addresses health and Covid-19 risks as people return to work while maintaining employee data privacy. An AI employee health data management tool has been developed to help employers predict, monitor and test the health and safety of their workforce.

Created by Delfin Health and DocHQ, Klarity combines AI-driven health and Covid-19 risk assessments – based on the latest clinical data and guidance for all major chronic diseases – along with daily symptom checking and a proprietary testing process. It also gives employees the power to take control of their own health information.

The algorithm in Klarity has been developed using UK Biobank, which holds detailed health and lifestyle data of over 500,000 participants. What’s more, it uses XG Boost, an explainable machine learning model which enables the platform to show how scores are derived and therefore recommend how to improve risk predictions and employee health.